Arielle Fakhraee, E10 of Zurich, Switzerland

Candidate to represent the School of Arts & Sciences on the Alumni Council.

STATEMENT: I am honored and excited to have this opportunity to represent my fellow Jumbos on the Tufts Alumni Council. Since graduating in 2010, I have lived in Zurich, Switzerland and even with such great distance between Tufts and myself, I still have found ways to remain very close to my alma mater. Many of my friends and colleagues in Switzerland know about my love for Tufts and how I had four of my best years there, but in case they forget, the myriad elephant paraphernalia in my home will help remind them. I have also taken on the role of Chair of the Tufts Alumni Switzerland Chapter since 2017, which allows me to stay connected to Jumbos across Switzerland and Europe. Twice a year, I organize events to bring us all together for socializing, as well as to learn about a thought-provoking topic from an alumnus on which we can debate (e.g., drug pricing for rare disease treatments or climate change seen through the eyes of a mathematician). During the difficult year of 2020 and due to the many restrictions that COVID-19 forced upon us, I decided to organize a virtual event about racism in Europe in order to stay connected to the community, but also to discuss and educate myself (and hopefully others) on one of the major issues that the year brought to light.

If I were elected to the Tufts Alumni Council, I would be able to bring my experience connecting Jumbos abroad and organizing events to further strengthen our international community. I would hope to continue to leverage the support of Tufts to bring alumni together to debate on various relevant subjects in order to widen all of our perspectives. This past year has demonstrated how important it is to come together and understand different views, and I believe using Tufts as a channel to do this can have a great impact on our body of alumni.

Lastly, I would use this opportunity to push on with spreading the word about our incredible university and to ensure that all alumni know that maintaining a relationship with Tufts does not depend on where you are, who you know, or when you graduated. A Jumbo is always a Jumbo, and it is a great idea to remain close to the herd!

I appreciate you considering voting for me and hope to join the Tufts Alumni Council to make you proud.


  • BSc, Mechanical Engineering, Tufts University
  • MSc, Mechanical Engineering, ETH Zurich

CURRENT OCCUPATION: Manager (Life Sciences Consultant specializing in medtech), Deloitte


  • Senior Consultant (Life Sciences Consultant specializing in medtech), EY
  • Research Projects Manager, Aeon Scientific
  • Lab Assistant, Multi-Scale Robotics Lab at ETH Zurich


  • Chair of Tufts Alumni Switzerland, August 2017-Present
  • President of the Tufts Chapter of the Society of Women Engineers, 2009-2010


  • Women Initiative Network at Deloitte Switzerland, 2018-Present
Arielle Fakhraee, E10