Chuck Goldblum, CFA, CFP, A91 of New York, NY

Candidate to represent the School of Arts & Sciences on the Alumni Council.

STATEMENT: Being a proud and active Jumbo alum has allowed me to connect with alumni of all ages, careers, and backgrounds for many years. Through the Tufts community, I have made new friends, fostered fresh connections and supported fulfilling initiatives and interests. These relationships and experiences have only deepened my appreciation for Tufts, and I know I share this sentiment with so many graduates across generations. I am eager to continue my work to attract current and future alumni to make this community even more vibrant and forward-thinking. For these reasons, I am honored to be a candidate for the Tufts Alumni Council. 

After organizing several independent alumni networking events here in New York City, I connected with Amanda Tramont in the Office of Alumni Engagement to launch a networking breakfast series called the Jumbo Power Hour. I recruited the alumni speakers for each event including a venture capital CEO whose firm helps gig-worker get health benefits, a recent Google hire who spoke about her experience getting the job, and a marketing director at LiveNation who shared his thoughts regarding the evolving concert and festival landscape.

During my time at Tufts, I was an active volunteer, rising to a leadership position at the Leonard Carmichael Society. I also worked on homelessness causes and volunteered at shelters in Somerville and Boston. I was an English and German Area Studies major and, after a semester in Jerusalem at the Hebrew University, I spent a semester at the Tufts in Tubingen program under the tutelage of the unforgettable Bob Asch. While a student on campus, I worked at the campus center cafe and Tufts Catering before culminating my undergraduate "culinary" career by becoming a delivery man for Espresso’s. 

Now it has come full circle as my eldest daughter, Navah, has applied to Tufts in the dreams of being part of the graduating class of 2025. She amassed countless hours online researching schools, creating an impressive excel spreadsheet with dozens of links and categories, as well as the ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ of each school. Tufts met all her criteria for what she was looking for in the higher learning experience, but it was our conversations regarding the Tufts community that sealed the deal for her. The deep friendships, the focus on good citizenship, and the importance of a morally grounded work ethic were just a few of the ideals that Tufts inspired in me many years ago, and they continue to guide me today. 

I am so thankful for what the Tufts community has given me for over three decades, and I am eager to join the Alumni Council to pay it forward and to help us all become even better, stronger, and more globally minded and hearted for years to come. 

Thank you again for your consideration.

EDUCATION: BA, Tufts 1991 (Majors: English Literature and German Area Studies)

CURRENT OCCUPATION: Founder, Hurley Capital, LLC, Financial Advisor and Registered Investment Adviser


  • Equity Research Analyst for SG Cowen, CIBC World Markets and First Union Bank
  • Commodities Trader for Trafigura and Glencore


  • Helped to create and run Jumbo Power Hour: Tufts NYC Alumni Networking Breakfasts
  • Former alumni undergraduate interviewer


  • Advisory Board Member, Mount Sinai Medical Legal Partnership


  • David Goldblum, A87 (brother)
  • Daughter Navah applying now for class of 2025!
Charles Goldblum, A91