It’s Alumni Election season!

February 17 to April 18, 2021 at midnight ET

How Tufts changes will depend on the candidates you elect to the Board of Trustees and to the Alumni Council. Tufts wants to hear from you.

Trustees control budgets, academic affairs, tuition, faculty, and facilities for every Tufts undergraduate and graduate school. The Alumni Council helps to shape everything from career services to reunions to programs in your area. In other words, the people elected to these two governing bodies will impact all aspects of the Tufts experience.

All alumni may vote for Alumni Trustee, but only school-specific alumni may vote for Alumni Council representatives from the school(s) with which they're affiliated.

Click on a link below to vote, enter your email address, and cast your vote! You will receive an email confirmation.

We will be sending reminders to vote until the elections end, so if you've already voted, please disregard those reminders.

Jumbo votes at the ballot box

Why vote?

Covell and Outwater images
Why vote?

Tufts University Alumni Association President Jennifer Covell, J86 and co-chair of the Nominating Committee of the Tufts Alumni Council Alex Outwater, A94 explain why it's important to vote.

Read transcripts from both videos.

Watch Jennifer's video Watch Alex's video

Voting ends April 18, 2021 at 12 am ET

Alumni Trustees

The Tufts University Board of Trustees has 40 members, 10 of whom are elected by alumni. The Board of Trustees is the managing authority of the university and makes critical decisions on budgets, academic affairs, tuition, faculty, and buildings and services impacting all three campuses and all eight degree-granting schools.

Alumni Council Members

All Tufts graduates are members of the Tufts University Alumni Association, which is led by the Alumni Council. They organize a number of programs to benefit the more than 100,000 Tufts alumni, including, but not limited to, career services, reunions, lifelong learning, regional activities, alumni awards, and the nomination of candidates for the university’s Board of Trustees and the Alumni Council itself.

Alumni Trustee candidates

Candidate from the School of Dental Medicine

TUSDM ballot

Only TUSDM alumni may vote.

Vote for TUSDM rep

Candidates from The Fletcher School

Candidates from the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and Engineering

FAQs, Questions? Contact us: or 1-800-THE-ALUM

Questions? Contact us: or 1-800-THE-ALUM

When can I vote?
The elections are open from February through April 18, 2021 at midnight ET.

How can I vote? 
Click on the links above to vote for Alumni Trustee and for Alumni Council representatives. Also, alumni will receive email reminders to vote. If you've already voted, please disregard these reminders. 

To vote:

  • Scroll up on this page, and click on any of the five voting links to access that ballot. There are separate ballots for Alumni Trustee and for Alumni Council representatives from certain schoolsYou'll vote once for Alumni Trustee and once for Council representatives from the school(s) with which you're affiliated.
    • If you have more than one school affiliation (i.e., Double Jumbo), then you may click on all schools with which you are affiliated. Only one vote per alum will be tallied per school-specific ballot.
    • For example, if you are A&S and TUSDM, then you may vote for Alumni Council representatives from A&S (one ballot) and from TUSDM (separate ballot).
  • Authenticate by providing your email address
    • If the email you provide matches what we have on file, then you'll be able to access the ballot to vote. Authenticating confirms that you are an alum from that school within Tufts. You have three attempts to authenticate.
    • If you're unable to authenticate or otherwise unable to vote *, please contact or 617.627.4039 for assistance.

* If you are unable to authenticate, it is because Tufts does not have an email on file for you, has an outdated email, there is a typo, or you have opted out of receiving email from Tufts.

I didn’t get an election email from Tufts. What do I do?
Scroll up on this page, and click on the buttons to vote.

I don’t have an email address. How can I vote?
Please call 617-627-4039, and we will record your vote and give you a confirmation number.

When will I know who was elected?
The results will be posted on the Tufts Alumni and Friends website after the April 25, 2021 TUAA Annual Meeting and will be announced in the alumni e-newsletter.