Joslin Regalado, A22

Joslin "Jos" Regalado is a Dominican and Puerto Rican American from Lawrence, Massachusetts. She is graduating with a BA in Sociology with a cluster in Social Inequalities and Social Change. She is also a Dance minor. At Tufts, Jos has worked closely with the FIRST Resource Center throughout all four years at Tufts working as an intern, Peer Leader, and Teaching Assistant for the FIRST seminar. Additionally, as a BLAST scholar, she has supervised BLAST committees, co-lead the summer program as a Peer Mentor in Summer 2020, and overseen their mentorship program.

Passionate about work involving equity in educational spaces and youth empowerment, Jos has also been a research assistant for Professor Sara K. Johnson in the DICE Lab as a VERSE Scholar and facilitated the course Civic Pathways for first-years. Interested in movement as a form of expression, activism, and entertainment, Jos also is a part of ENVY - Tufts all-femme competitive step team. She is also involved in running all social media for Roti and Rum, Tufts only Caribbean Dance team. Jos has also been a Tufts in Rwanda Fellow, an Ambassador for IES-Tubingen, Germany, and has Assistant Stage Managed the play We're Here for Bare Bodkin Theatre Company. 

To support herself through college, Jos has worked multiple jobs including being the Student Supervisor at Edward Ginn Library and being a Dietary Aide and Activity Assistant at a nursing home. Jos hopes to pursue a career in educational spaces to help educators and administrators support, sustain, and retain students from marginalized backgrounds.

Joslin Regalado, A22 photo

Joslin Regalado, A22

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