Kai Renshaw, A23

Hometown: Hanover, New Hampshire

Major: Biopsychology

Minor: Philosophy

Kai grew up in Hanover, NH with his parents, older brother, and younger sister (who now attends Tufts). He is currently studying Biopsychology on the premed track with a minor in Philosophy. Coming to Tufts, Kai knew he wanted to study neuroscience and was set on a biopsychology major, becoming a member of Psi Chi – the psychology honor society – and Phi Beta Kappa, Delta of Massachusetts. However, pre-major placement in a philosophy class opened his eyes to the world of philosophy which has become a strong interest of his throughout his time at Tufts. In 2021, Kai taught an Ex-College class where he and his students explored the philosophical, psychological, and neurobiological bases of free will.

Kai’s interests in the classroom are almost as diverse as his interests outside of the classroom. In addition to performing and publishing soldier-focused virtual reality research with the Center for Applied Brain and Cognitive Sciences, Kai is a senior captain of the Varsity Swimming and Diving Team where he has garnered both regional and national recognition for athletic and academic achievement. Kai is also a preceptor EMT for Tufts EMS, teaching others and ensuring clinical proficiency and professionalism across the organization, and has served on the TEMS executive board. Kai currently works at Massachusetts General Hospital as a researcher with the department of neurosurgery, developing implantable devices to restore vision to the blind and visually impaired.

Outside of the classroom, Kai loves being active outdoors – running, biking, swimming, golf – and hanging out with his friends. He also loves music and has helped his friends produce original music. Kai will attend Tufts School of Medicine next year, having applied for the Early Assurance Program during his sophomore year. He is thrilled to be a double Jumbo. He is excited for all the opportunities that Tufts has provided him and grateful for everyone who has supported him along the way

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Kai Renshaw, A23

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