Leslie Jaramillo Martinez, E23

Hometown: Dallas, Texas

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Leslie will graduate with a Mechanical Engineering degree. She is originally from San Luis Potosi, Mexico but was raised in Dallas, Texas with her four siblings and a dog.

Her interest in engineering was ignited by the work of her grandfather, a Mexican farmer. Leslie's community taught her the many ways in which engineering can be impactful. In her first
year at Tufts, Leslie became part of the Student Teacher Outreach Mentorship Program (STOMP) and got to work with students in East Somerville on a variety of STEAM projects. Leslie's passion for helping students see themselves in engineering brought her to the field of engineering education. Through research, Leslie has been able to explore the development of engineering identity for historically marginalized students. Through her position as the president
of the ME/HFE DEIJ Student Board, Leslie has worked with faculty and students to make the department more inclusive.

Leslie has also served as a Learning Assistant for courses like Materials & Manufacturing I (ME10), Engineering Design I (ME40), and Electromechanical Systems & Robotics I (ME30) and as an Equity Learning Assistant for Intro to Computing for Engineers (ES2). Additionally, Leslie has been an Engineering Ambassador, a Peer Leader for the Latinx center, and a mentor for first-generation and low-income students at Tufts.

During her free time, Leslie loves to hike, hang out with her dog, paint, and bake!

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Leslie Jaramillo Martinez, E23

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