2020 Alumni Elections

Date: February 20 to April 13, 2020

Time: 12:00 am to 11:59 pm

Each year, we hold Alumni Elections to confirm new members to the Alumni Council and to the Board of Trustees.

The Nominating Committee reviews all nominations and selects candidates to appear on the ballot. Of those on the ballot, the entire alumni body votes to select new members who serve a 5-year term.

The Alumni Council is made up of roughly 250 alumni from all schools of Tufts University, and the Board of Trustees is made up of 10 Alumni Trustees and 30 Charter Trustees. 

This year, the goal is for:

  • 2 Alumni Trustee candidates for the election of 1
  • 9 AS&E (SMFA included) candidates for the election of 6
  • 2 GSAS&E candidates for the election of 1
  • 2 Medical candidates for the election of 1
  • 2 Veterinary candidates for the election of 1
  • Candidates from the graduating class for the election of 4 

The time commitment varies for these volunteer roles, and the Alumni Trustee position requires travel to Medford to attend meetings three times a year.

Submit an Alumni Trustee nomination form

Submit an Alumni Council nomination form

Deadline to submit nominations: Nov. 15, 2019