The Great Ape Extinction Crisis

Tufts Faculty Webinar with Dr. Zarin Machanda

Date: December 7, 2017

Time: 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

Sponsor: Office of Alumni Relations

Cost: Free

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Dr. Zarin Machanda

Zarin Machanda received her PhD from the Department of Human Evolutionary Biology at Harvard University and is an assistant professor in the biology and anthropology departments at Tufts. Her research revolves around understanding the factors that shape the quality and development of social relationships among wild chimpanzees.

Machanda is the Director of Long-term Research at the Kibale Chimpanzee Project, an organization that for the last 30 years has conserved and protected the Kanyawara community of chimpanzees living in Kibale National Park, Uganda -- the largest density of primates on earth.

She is also on the Board of the Kasiisi Project, a community development organization in Uganda that works with over 9000 school children living around Kibale National Park.

What you'll learn:

  • How the research team partners with the schools in the region
  • The biggest threats to the apes' survival and what's being done to mitigate those risks
  • What you can do to help with conservation efforts

Duration: 1 hour
- Presentation: 45 minutes
- Q&A: 15 minutes