How to Upskill Your Professional Presence & Steal the Virtual Room Every Time You Speak

Featuring Casey Carpenter J'80 & CEO and Founder of Speak & Own It Communications

Date: September 22, 2020

Time: 1:00 pm to 2:15 pm

Sponsor: Tufts Alumni Career Services

Cost: Free

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Casey Carpenter, J'80

How to Upskill Your Professional Presence & Steal the Virtual Room Every Time You Speak

Shaky.  Apprehensive.  Nervous. Obsessed.  Are these the words that come to mind when you have to speak in a professional situation?  When you think about networking, connecting with potential employers or simply introducing yourself in a peer group, do you get tongue-tied?  Do you ramble? Does your face get hot and you’d rather crawl under the table than speak in public?  And just when you thought you were getting comfortable, the world turned upside down and you now need to capture your audience’s attention on video!

Your presenter, Casey Carpenter, J’80 gets it.  With four strikes against her – shyness, introversion, high sensitivity and public speaking terror – Casey evolved from reticent to remarkable so that she owns the virtual room when she speaks.  

On this webinar, you can expect to:

  • Apply proven public speaking delivery techniques to polish your video presentation
  • Outline your 15 second elevator speech and never be caught off guard again
  • Banish the “Imposter Syndrome” and own how accomplished you really are

Polish your poise, presentation and put your best foot forward.  Be indelibly impactful…and unforgettable every time you speak!

Speaker Bio:
In her own words, Casey Carpenter has a "four strikes against me" bio.  She grew up shy, scared, introverted, and highly sensitive. She had to develop her communication skills from the ground floor to become a sales consultant. After almost getting fired, she succeeded wildly in sales. The company realized her gift was the ability to speak publicly and sell in an authentic way.  She in turn realized that if you master your communication and presence skills, you can do just about anything.  
Today she is CEO and Founder of Speak & Own It Communications, a leadership communications firm for middle management women.  Her strategies give women leaders the tools to not only capture the room when speaking, but to use connection techniques to lead. Casey’s story of perseverance has inspired both men and women.  She assures them, "If I can do this, with all those strikes against me, you can rock it."   

This webinar is part of the Tufts Alumni Career Services Professional Development Series and will be available on our YouTube playlist after the event at Go to for more information.