Join Us for LEAD IT 2018 November 2 - 4

Registration is now open!  $120 fee for graduates from 2007 and earlier.  $50 fee and limited travel subsidy (first come-first serve) for recent graduates (2008-2018) .

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Powering a Brighter World

LEAD IT is a learning lab for leaders—a unique forum to network and enhance your skillset for your professional, personal, and Tufts lives.

At LEAD IT, you will: 

• Be inspired by students’ stories about their transformational experiences at Tufts

• Uncover groundbreaking research from interdisciplinary faculty panels

• Discover Tufts’ impact, locally and around the world

As engaged alumni, you’re vital to the success of the university and key to inspiring your own Tufts community. At LEAD IT 2018, you’ll hear from and have access to university leaders, including President Anthony P. Monaco. Join students, faculty, university administrators, alumni, and volunteer leaders as we come together to make the world a brighter place.

Highlights from Past LEAD IT Events

Whether you want to reminisce about past events or see what you missed . . . enjoy these photos from LEAD IT 2013 and LEAD IT 2015 as well as the videos below from both a Professional Development Session and a Faculty Presentation from LEAD IT 2015.

LEAD IT 2013