Retirement Investing 101: Grow Your Savings from Small to Jumbo with Scott Puritz, A78

Location: Online/Zoom

Date: June 2, 2022

Time: 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Cost: Free, but please register

Investing for your long-term goals is not rocket science. There really are just a few fundamental choices to make, choices that over time lead to better investment returns. What’s more, you can get those returns without all the jumpiness and second-guessing common among short-term thinkers and supposed Wall Street “pros.” Research has shown, repeatedly, that those same folks consistently underperform when compared to the stock market index itself. Once you make these basic decisions, much of what follows can feel like being on autopilot. One need only occasionally check in with a financial advisor to review, and mostly that’s to make sure your own life circumstances haven’t changed in the meantime.

Armed with an understanding of these time-tested concepts, you will feel empowered to make decisions that will help you live well and retire with more. In this popular Investing 101 webinar, presented by Tufts alum Scott Puritz, A78, and Managing Director of award-winning wealth management firm Rebalance, you’ll learn about:

• The most effective strategy for increasing savings with low risk. You’ll hear about why it’s not about picking stocks but instead owning the entire economy through a broad sampling of companies and industries.

• Why hidden fees are the Achilles heel of most investors. The cost of investing is shrouded in unnecessary financial doublespeak. That’s precisely to hide how large a role fees play in determining your long-term investment growth.

• Key questions to ask a financial advisor to ensure that they are acting in your best interest. Most financial advisors and stock brokers claim they work in your interest, but it turns out there’s a tricky loophole in how they say it that lets them off the hook.


Please note this program will be held via Zoom webinar.