'17 Reunion Reception

Step away from Facebook, and join us at Back to the Hill, June 8–10, 2018!

If you would like to be on your reunion committee, please email backtothehill@tufts.edu.

Music! We want your favorites!

Since we're doing this reminiscing thing, we're going to do it right! Email us your favorite songs from our Tufts tenure. We'll do our best to add them to the playlist for our class reception and the soiree.

Whether it's Maroon 5 or Taylor Swift that gets you going, we want to play all of your favorites. Send them to backtothehill@tufts.edu.

Honorary Jumbos at Back to the Hill

Honorary Jumbos in all forms (girlfriends, boyfriends, spouses, partners, and others) are welcome at any of the weekend's events. Just purchase them a ticket during the registration process.

Class of 2017 1st Reunion Committee

Caroline Ambros
Lindsay Atkeson
John Bailey
Michelle Bornstein
Taylor Bowers
Gabbi Fenaoli
Anna Gooch
Amanda Gottschalk
Andre Newland
Zach Shufro
Julie Sanduski
Jenny Skerker
Alex Tong
Vanessa Yu
Bill Wong

Staff Liaison
Adam Bissonnette