Tufts Global Reach Berlin

We had such an amazing time at Tufts Global Reach Berlin. Thank you to all who attended!

Reminisce about Tufts Global Reach Berlin as you enjoy photos of the weekend as well as video of Sol Gittleman's "Out of the Ashes: Germany, 1945-2018 and the Future of Europe" lecture

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Tufts Global Reach Berlin

Experience all that Tufts Global Reach Berlin has to offer:

Enjoy a weekend of joining up with friends, interacting with amazing speakers, and visiting some of Europe's most fascinating and thought-provoking sights.  

Meet old friends and new at the welcome dinner in the Meistersaal, the world-famous recording studio where David Bowie wrote "Heroes" and U2 wrote "One." 

Learn about exciting developments at Tufts from President Anthony P. Monaco.

Discuss the future of the liberal world order with Abi Williams, F86, F87, new director of the Institute of Global Leadership; Iman Kamel, F15, award-winning filmmaker, researcher, and cultural strategist; and Atika Shubert, J95, CNN senior international correspondent.

Indulge in breathtaking views of Berlin over lunch atop the Reichstag, absorbed in University Professor Emeritus Sol Gittleman's lecture on Germany, 1945-2018, and the future of Europe. 

A quick glimpse of Berlin: