• Friday, May 4

    13:00 | Leadership Seminar
    Location: Regent Berlin - Salon Langhans
    Already volunteering for Tufts? Interested in getting involved to enhance the global alumni network? Check in early and join volunteer leaders for an afternoon of idea sharing and useful skill-building sessions. Meet members of the Office of Alumni Relations and learn how they support the growth of alumni chapters around the world.

    16:00 | Walking Tour of Berlin
    Location: Depart from the Regent Berlin
    Arriving early for the weekend? Join us for an insider's view of Berlin. A two hour guided tour is the perfect introduction to this dynamic city.This tour includes: Pariser Platz • The Brandenburg Gate • The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe • The Site of Hitler’s Former Bunker • Luftwaffe HQ • The 17. June Memorial • The Berlin Wall • The Former SS Headquarters • Checkpoint Charlie 

    19:30 | Welcome Dinner and Conversation
    Location: Meistersaal
    Join President Anthony P. Monaco as he welcomes Jumbos for our three-day weekend. Enjoy exclusive access to the Meistersaal, the world-famous recording studio where David Bowie wrote "Heroes" and U2 wrote "One." Learn about the venue's fascinating history over dinner in the same halls where everyone from Iggy Pop and Depeche Mode to Snow Patrol and Manic Street Preachers recorded many iconic songs. Three-course dinner and drinks are included.


  • Saturday, May 5

    10:00 | Coffee
    Location: Regent Berlin - Foyer Gontard
    Fuel up for the day and network with fellow Jumbos over morning coffee.

    10:30 | Morning Sessions
    Location: Regent Berlin - Salon Gontard

    • "Is the Liberal World Order Ending?"
      Join us for a keynote presentation by Abi Williams, F86, F87, new director of the Institute for Global Leadership and professor of the practice at The Fletcher School, followed by a conversation with:
      • Iman Kamel, F15, award-winning filmmaker, researcher, and cultural strategist.
      • Atika Shubert, J95, CNN senior international correspondent. 
    • University Update
      Hear about exciting developments at the university from President Anthony P. Monaco. Learn how Tufts' new comprehensive campaign Brighter World will support the university's core teaching and research mission, and appreciate how faculty and students are working toward solutions on critical global issues.

    13:00 | Buffet Lunch
    Location: Regent Berlin - Foyers Gontard & Langhans, Salon Langhans 
    Continue your conversations afterward over a buffet lunch reception at the Regent, home to one of Berlin's Michelin starred restaurants. And if the weather is nice, enjoy the hotel's lovely outdoor courtyard, reserved just for us.

    15:00 | Afternoon Options

    • Akademie der Künste Exhibit
      Akademie der Künste
      • Tour the Akademie der Künste, Europe's third oldest art academy, including a special exhibit on Alternative Music and Art after 1968 in East and West Germany.
    • Berlin Wall Memorial Guided Tour
      Berlin Wall Memorial Visitor Center
      • Bernauer Strasse after the Wall was built. Follow a guided tour of the Berlin Wall Memorial: On the border strip located in East Berlin, an open-air exhibition uses Bernauer Strasse to explain the history of the division. The Wall extends along 1.4 km of the former border strip, and the memorial contains the last piece of the Berlin Wall with preserved grounds behind it.
    • Historical Sightseeing Cruise
      • Cruise though the heart of Berlin with an afternoon boat tour. Experience some of the city's most important historical and architectural highlights at a glance.
    • Jewish Museum Guided Tour 
      Jewish Museum Berlin
      • Join a guided tour of the Jewish Museum Berlin, a vibrant center of reflection on Jewish history and culture as well as migration and diversity in Germany. An architectural masterpiece, Daniel Libeskind's spectacular structure has firmly established itself as one of Berlin's most recognizable landmarks.

    Evening Options

    19:00 | Berlin Philharmonic Performance (WAITLIST)
    Location: Berlin Philharmonie
    Don't miss the chance to hear the world-renowned Berlin Philharmonic.

    • Program includes:
      • Sibelius – Night Ride and Sunrise, Symphonic Poem, op. 55
      • Sibelius – Violin Concerto in D minor, op. 47 – Janine Jansen, violin
      • Shostakovich – Symphony No. 6 in B minor, op. 54

    19:00 | Dinner at Das Meisterstück
    Location: Das Meisterstück
    Join Jane Etish-Andrews, director of the Tufts International Center, Gabriella Goldstein, director of the Tufts European Center, and friends for dinner at Das Meisterstück. This hipster-chic venue in the heart of Berlin Mitte specializes in bread, sausage, and craft beer and does not disappoint. Dinner is included; cash bar for drinks.

  • Sunday, May 6

    8:30 | Reichstag Building Guided Tour - Early
    Location: Reichstag Building
    Start the last day of Tufts Global Reach with a tour of the seat of Germany's parliament: the Reichstag Building, first built in 1871. Learn about its history throughout the wars, including the Cold war era, and the rebuilding of its dome by celebrity architect Norman Foster. 8:30 arrival required to clear security for 9:00 tour.

    10:00 | Reichstag Building Guided Tour (WAITLIST) 
    Location: Reichstag Building
    Start the last day of Tufts Global Reach with a tour of the seat of Germany's parliament: the Reichstag Building, first built in 1871. Learn about its history throughout the wars, including the Cold war era, and the rebuilding of its dome by celebrity architect Norman Foster. 10:00 arrival required to clear security for 10:30 tour.

    12:00 | Out of the Ashes: Germany, 1945-2018 and the Future of Europe
    Location: Käfer Dachgarten Restaurant - atop Reichstag Building
    Indulge in breathtaking views of Berlin and head back to the classroom with Professor Sol Gittleman, H10, A85P, Alice and Nathan Gantcher University Professor Emeritus, to explore over seventy years of history -- and what else might be before us. Enjoy a sophisticated German lunch at the Reichstag's rooftop restaurant, Käfer Dachgarten, next to Norman Foster's dome. Three-course lunch and drinks included. For those not joining the morning tour, 12:00 arrival is recommended to clear building security for 12:30 event.

    More on Professor Gittleman's talk: 

    The year was 1945. Europe lay in ruins; 50,000,000 people had perished. Some suggested that the only hope for future peace was a Europe with no Germany, that the division into American, British, French, and Russian zones of occupation should be made permanent. No one dreamed of a European Union or a unified Germany….But, Germany survived; and here we are, seventy years later.  Germany is not only the economic engine of a European Union, but also is poised to be the moral voice of the EU’s many nations. As Europe threatens to revert to pre-World War I nationalism, Germany, involved with the full force of the horrors and aftermath of WW II, now speaks to younger Europeans who may no longer have that memory. There is a long German word: “Vergangenheitsbewaeltigung”: Conquering the past. No one has done it as well as the German people: they had the most to learn.


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