The Acorn Man statue on the Tufts University campus

Advancing the Arts & Humanities

The excellence of the Tufts’ liberal arts experience reflects a commitment to nurturing the imagination through the arts and to critical thinking through rigorous open-ended inquiry in the humanities. Together, these opportunities shape self-confident, insightful, and brave leaders for a rapidly changing and interconnected world.

  • The Center for the Humanities at Tufts received a grant from the Mellon Foundation to perform Mellon Sawyer Seminars for 2016—2017, which will focus on Comparative Global Humanities.
Dean James Stavridis, F83, F84, uses the media studio

Breaking news moves fast, so if TV reporters can't get an expert on camera quickly, they'll find someone else.

Doug Rachlin, A85, A20P, and two Tufts hockey players

The Tufts economist Dan Ounjian was a career builder for thousands of students who sat in his classroom over three-plus decades at the university. He took on the same role for junior faculty during his 20-year tenure as chair of the Department of Economics.

Pat Skerry, A92, AG95, thinks so. The autism awareness effort he started at Towson University as head coach of men’s basketball has quickly evolved into a national event supported by his peers.