The Acorn Man statue on the Tufts University campus

Advancing the Arts & Humanities

The excellence of the Tufts’ liberal arts experience reflects a commitment to nurturing the imagination through the arts and to critical thinking through rigorous open-ended inquiry in the humanities. Together, these opportunities shape self-confident, insightful, and brave leaders for a rapidly changing and interconnected world.

  • Starting in the fall of 2019, scholars from around the world will explore past and present meanings of family and kinship in a year-long seminar led by Tufts University and supported by the Mellon Foundation through its Sawyer Seminar program.
Amy and Steven Horowitz
Amy and Steven Horowitz strengthen diverse voices at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts
MadMen set designed by Chris Brown, A91

Toward the end of the first season of Halt and Catch Fire, the AMC series about the ’80s personal computer boom, hardware engineer Gordon gets his first look at his colleague Joe’s apartment.