A sea turtle swims below the depths

Animal Health & Welfare

All animals deserve a healthy life. But safeguarding that right often depends on people with knowledge, compassion, and couragepeople like Tufts faculty and students. On multiple fronts they champion animal health and welfare, from protecting endangered wildlife to developing medical therapies for companion animals.

  • Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine was the first to establish a Center for Animals and Public Policy, and the first to develop a veterinary ethics textbook.
Examining a horse's movements

The chestnut horse being examined for a suspected back injury at Cummings School’s new Equine Sports Medicine Complex had the long, elegant lines of a true Westphalian.

Illustration of animal simulation laboratory

Hannah Donnelly, V17, was "super anxious" about a dog spay she was scheduled to do. All third-year students at Cumming School of Veterinary Medicine are required to spay two dogs for their course in small-animal anesthesia and surgery.

Whale underwater

One evening in November 2013, the noted whale researcher Salvatore Cerchio sat down to dinner with his team of scientists on Nosy Iranja, a small island known for its white sands and turquoise waters that’s located off the northwest coast of Madagascar.