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Disease Prevention

Tufts is an international center for disease treatment, prevention, research and fellowship training for good reason: it encompasses medical, public health, dental, nutrition, veterinary, engineering and life sciences research and teaching. As a health science powerhouse, Tufts is bringing fresh solutions to the world’s most daunting diseases and health threats.

  • In 2016,Tufts University School of Medicine received a $15 million grant from the Jaharis Family Foundation, allowing for the construction of brand new labs for students and financial aid for students looking to pursue a career in family medicine.
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Scholarship Challenge boosts aid for medical students
Student at Tufts Medical Center receives vaccine for Covid-19

Beginning on Jan. 6, some medical and dental students at Tufts started receiving the first dose of COVID-19 vaccines. Third- and fourth-year medical students and dental students involved in direct patient care are eligible to receive the vaccine based on CDC and Massachusetts state criteria.