Reversing the trend of childhood obesity

Child obesity rates in the U.S. have risen dramatically in recent decades, and even as those rates begin to decline, troubling disparities remain along racial, socioeconomic, and geographic lines. ChildObesity180 is an innovative research and policy center anchored in the belief that all children deserve the chance to live healthy lives.

By drawing together experts and leaders from many disciplines, ChildObesity180 taps diverse sources of knowledge and drives effective action to reverse the obesity epidemic. Through four strategic initiatives—school breakfast, restaurants, out-of-school programs, and an active schools project—we are exploring obesity’s complex causes and designing scalable solutions. Our collaborative work has reached 9.3 million children in all 50 states.

With a sustained effort and focus on impact, we can reverse child obesity and protect the health of America’s children. Make a gift today.

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