Pairing your generosity with the resources of Tufts to support outstanding faculty and research

A named professorship helps recruit, support, and retain talented faculty; it serves as a mark of distinction, commitment, and recognition by the university of a faculty member’s long-term scholarship and teaching. This is very important to faculty who put their whole heart into their work.

—Michael Levin, A92, Vannevar Bush Professor, School of Arts and Sciences

At Tufts, extraordinary professors are advancing knowledge, inspiring our students, and transforming the world through their research. Endowed professorships—one of the highest honors in academia—help us recognize and retain stellar faculty from around the world and demonstrate Tufts’ commitment to outstanding educators, researchers, and innovators in every field.

The Professorship Partnership Challenge combines your generosity with an investment from Tufts University to realize a critical goal of Brighter World: to empower world-class faculty to do their best work and inspire students to learn, create, and explore.

A creative gift with immeasurable impact

Establish your legacy by endowing a faculty position. The Professorship Partnership Challenge is an opportunity for you and Tufts to make a gift together. Your portion of the gift is 60 percent, while Tufts University provides 40 percent.  

Help us signal that Tufts is a university where excellence in teaching and research is deeply valued.

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Endowed professorships can accelerate scholarship in—and support—strategic research areas and provide an outstanding education for future generations of Tufts students.

Make an extraordinary impact on the future of Tufts with the Professorship Partnership Challenge. This giving opportunity was available through June 30, 2019 and is now closed. To learn more, please contact Eric Johnson, senior vice president of University Advancement. 

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