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Strengthening Democracy

Tufts is marshalling resources to articulate the values of democracy through coursework, scholarship, and opportunities for civic and community engagement. Through such activity, Tufts endorses a larger vision for universities as institutions who do not sit on the sidelines, but who rather are engaged with protecting and advancing human freedom, dignity, and respect.

  • The Jonathan M. Tisch College of Civic Life received the Higher Education Civic Engagement Award from The Washington Center and the New York Life Foundation--one of only five institutions chosen from nearly 100 nominations.
In her new book, Our Common Ground: Insights from Four Years of Listening to American Voters, Diane Hessan, J76, A11P, shares what she’s learned from conversations conducted each week with more than 500 voters across the political spectrum

The political polarization in the U.S. can seem hopeless. Television pundits and politicians stoke stereotypes, driving a wedge between neighbors, friends, and families. But Diane Hessan, J76, A11P, believes there’s a way out of the quagmire.