An elephant steps through the mud

Sustaining a Healthy Planet

At Tufts, we take sustainability to heart. Our campus planning gets steadily “greener” as our academic enterprises continue to generate promising ideas and solutions, in areas spanning renewable energy, conservation, urban planning and international policy.  

  • In the 2014–2015 school year, Tufts Dining on the Medford/Somerville campus composted 300 tons of food waste—more than 50 percent of which was post-consumer, or food sent to the dish room by students/customers.
Boston Harbor

In 1825, a local engineer named Loammi Baldwin, Jr., was commissioned by federal government to build a dry dock at Charlestown Navy Yard. Baldwin began by taking cues from the sea itself, measuring low and high tides every day for several years.

Group photo of women in medical scrubs with headbands and stethoscopes
School of Medicine advisor Eric Aguiar, M.D., is among those who have recently endowed travel funds to support students participating the school’s Global Health programs.
Jennifer Bailey, A09 portrait

Jennifer Bailey, A09, walked through the U.S. Senate cafeteria on Capitol Hill in January 2015, alongside a rabbi and a Buddhist monk.