Look Ahead and Give Back

When you include Tufts University in your estate plans, you become part of a community of forward-looking philanthropists. The Charles Tufts Society honors alumni and friends who have welcomed Tufts into their families by including Tufts in their estate or gift plans.

Each year, the president of Tufts invites Charles Tufts Society members to attend a special luncheon at Gifford House on the Medford campus. A number of students are invited to this event annually, so it's a great opportunity to get to know what Tufts is like today. Our May 2020 luncheon was canceled due to concerns regarding the pandemic, but the two students who had been selected to speak at the luncheon shared their stories in the video which you can view below.

If you have already named Tufts University or one of its schools in your estate plans, please let us know. We would be honored to welcome you into the Charles Tufts Society and make sure we understand how you would ultimately like your gift to be used. If you have included The Fletcher School in your estate plans, you will also be welcomed into the Austin B. Fletcher Society.

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