A graduate thanks her mother by painting her cap

From the anticipation of move-in day to the relief of the last paper or final, you have helped guide your Jumbo to this milestone. The impact that your child will make on this world after their experiences at Tufts is immeasurable, but you can help grow that impact for the next generation of Jumbos with a gift to celebrate your child’s graduation. 

Honor your 2018 Jumbo

Here are a number of ways to make a gift in your Jumbo’s honor

$1000 – $10,000 Cohen Auditorium

$3,500 Summer Intern

$12,500 Semester Scholarship

Cohen, the largest auditorium on Tufts’ campus, is certainly a location you and your Jumbo have visited. Naming opportunities begin at $1,000 (plaque).

Provide unmatched opportunities for more students to gain real-world experience in a variety of settings.

Provide critical financial aid to an undergraduate student for one semester.

Make a gift in honor of your Jumbo's favorite faculty member, coach, mentor, friend, etc. Every gift is Jumbo!

$5,500 Summer Scholar

$25,000 Term Scholarship

Make a gift

Fund a rising junior or senior to pursue a 10-week independent research project.

Fund much needed financial aid to an undergraduate student for one full academic year.


For more information about the various of ways you can make a gift in honor of your Jumbo, please call Gina DeSalvo at 617-627-3798.