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Trusted Science, Future Leaders, Real-World Impact; From Cell to Society

Globally, we face unprecedented food and nutrition-related challenges. Unhealthy food is now the leading cause of poor health in the United States and worldwide, causing enormous burdens due to malnutrition, obesity, and other diseases. Poor nutrition also contributes to and creates profound health disparities, negatively impacting wellness and prosperity among the most vulnerable populations. Our food system is also the leading cause of adverse environmental impact, affecting land use, water, and climate change. Together, these health, equity, and environmental effects generate tremendous economic burdens for individuals, families, businesses, and governments. These challenges make nutrition a leading issue — and opportunity — of our day. This is nutrition’s time.

Trusted Science – Future Leaders – Real-World Impact. Tremendous advances in the science of nutrition and food systems have placed us at the threshold of solving these remarkable challenges. As the leading graduate school of nutrition in the world, the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy is uniquely positioned to address these issues with unparalleled breadth, real-world engagement, and entrepreneurial spirit. Our mission is to generate trusted science, educate future leaders, and produce real-world impact that together will further our mission for a healthier, more sustainable, and more equitable food system for all.

Trusted Science – Discovery and Innovation

Food Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Nourished Children, Families, and Communities

  • Double Burden of Hunger and Obesity (U.S. and Globally)
  • Healthier Families, Schools, and Communities
  • Tufts Culinary Institute

Healthy Food for All

Longevity and Vitality

Sustainable Food Environments

Creating and Enabling Leaders

Public Impact Initiative

  • Food is Medicine: Role of Governments, Business, and Public-Private Partnerships
  • Healthier Families, Schools, and Communities
  • Professorship in Policy and Public Impact
  • Trusted Voice Initiative: separating truth from fiction, nutrition fake news, Food Facts

Annual Fund

Crucial ongoing support to sustain and catalyze our mission in teaching, research and public impact.

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