Campaign Priorities

Expanding our educational mission with industry internships and innovative new courses

  • Pairing GSBS students with local biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies for an immersive, three- to six-month work experience, providing firsthand exposure to industry working environments and expanding career opportunities.
  • Giving companies the opportunity to observe the excellence of our students as they strive to fill their job pipeline in the exploding local biomedical workforce.
  • Offering innovative new courses on the drug development process, navigating the corporate environment, and entrepreneurship to broaden the curriculum and develop understanding to permit our students to compete, excel, and lead in nonacademic careers.

Career coaching and mentoring circles

  • Helping GSBS students, postdoctoral candidates, and alumni navigate the wealth of career options in biomedical science.
  • Providing mutually beneficial opportunities to engage local companies and alumni.
  • Expanding our popular mentoring circles, where students find insights and encouragement, exchange ideas, and benefit from the broad range of perspectives and skills of faculty and alumni who are industry leaders.

Expanding GSBS's traditions in outstanding student research

  • Advancing the meaningful research contributions GSBS students make in areas such as infectious disease, cancer, cardiovascular disease, and neurodegenerative disease.
  • In partnership with Tufts' Clinical and Translational Science Institute, helping students design and conduct research that bridges basic, clinical, and translational research, with an emphasis on clinically important outcomes.
  • Pairing Ph.D. candidates with a clinical co-mentor throughout their training to maximize the translational potential of their work.

A culture of inclusive excellence for GSBS and the field of biomedical science

  • Renewing our commitment to a culture of inclusive excellence will improve the educational experience of every GSBS student, and will enhance the strength and vibrancy of our field and the biotech sector at large.
  • Expanding the successful diversity outreach programs for STEM learning, which bring GSBS students into the community to inspire a new generation of STEM learners, demonstrates this commitment to including underrepresented populations in the scientific community.


For more information, please contact
Roxanne Beal, Director of Development