Campaign Priorities

Student Education

We hold to our foundation of comprehensive oral health education, while remaining responsive to changes in the curriculum needs for the next generation. Examples include:

  • Development of new clinical models
  • Development of the BaSiCSsss program (vertical integration)
  • Incorporation of new educational and clinical technology

We meet head-on the challenges and the opportunities of today’s dentistry. Examples include:

  • Enhanced educational and clinical technologies
  • Practice management courses to help students become business owners as well as practitioners
  • Lectures and discussions about the dental industry

Students learn the connections between oral health and overall health, and how to work in a team-based environment with other health professionals. Examples include:

  • Expanded inter-professional curriculum
  • Inter-professional research and programs

Dentistry is a calling devoted to lifelong learning. We provide opportunities for our students and alumni to continue their education for years to come. Examples include:

  • Sponsored comprehensive CE courses
  • Alumni engagement in the school: volunteering, mentoring, attending lectures, and participating in special events at the school.


We have reinvigorated the school with new and emerging leadership opportunities for our faculty. Examples include:

  • New positions in clinical leadership
  • Named endowed professorships
  • Participation in faculty leadership programs

We foster an environment of lifelong learning where every member of our faculty can be developed to reach their professional and personal goals. Examples include:  

  • A formal faculty development program
  • Contemporary Issues Seminars  


We engage with and celebrate diversity and inclusion in every aspect of our school’s environment. Finding the best and brightest to attend our school requires that we identify financial aid resources to assist students from a full range of demographics and perspectives. Examples include:

  • Plans to increase scholarship and financial aid for students
  • Enhanced pipeline initiatives for underrepresented minority high school and college students

We forge partnerships with institutions and organizations around the world to foster meaningful interactions between our communities, and we promote global oral health. Examples include:

  • Expand global service and student exchange programs
  • Funds to support student travel in global service programs


Five years after the completion of the Vertical Expansion Initiative (VEI), we are focused on furthering facility improvements to keep up with our growth and continue to provide the world-class facilities we are known for. Opportunities include:

  • Revitalized first floor lobby to welcome students, faculty, staff, and patients
  • Updated clinical floors
  • Plans to develop the 10th floor
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