Bryan Bachner, A84

BA, 1984

JD, Washington College of Law, American University, 1988

PhD (Law) Wuhan University (People’s Republic of China), 2003

Hometown: Waterford, CT

Current Occupation: Investment Director, China Everbright Limited ( (CEL), New Economy Division (High Technology Platform), Beijing, China

Previous Occupation: General Counsel, EBA Investments (Private Equity Real Estate Platform of CEL) (2008-2018), Beijing, China; Assistant Director of Research, Research Directorate of International, Comparative and Foreign Law (Eastern Law Division), Law Library of Congress, Library of Congress (2005-2008); Law professor, School of Law, City University of Hong Kong (1990-2005), Hong Kong

Tufts Affiliated Activities: Founder and Co-Chair, Beijing Chapter of Tufts Alumni (2010 - present) (supporting annual new student/parent event; organizing activities/internships for students participating in Tufts in Beijing and alumni; cooperating with various Tufts officials in efforts to develop academic programs in China; appointed to Reunion Committee for 35th Anniversary of Graduation)

Other Professional / Volunteer Affiliations and Activities: Chief Legal Officer, Buttons (global Consumer Electronics Platform), (2019 - present) Beijing, China. Director, CSSB Limited (global sports management company founded by Joan Laporta, President of FC Barcelona 1993-2000) (2016 - present); Director, BIT Football Club (second division professional soccer team in the China Football Association) 2016 - present); Professional Basketball Player, Hong Kong Basketball Association, Winling Basketball Club (1990-2000) (representing HK three times in Asian Basketball Club Championship); Adjunct Law Professor, Washington College of Law, American University (2006-2008); conversant in Spanish and Chinese

Candidate Statement: Tufts is a lot of things to me. But most importantly, it’s about the community. Through thick and thin, my friends made at Tufts have always been there for me. Timing is everything and it’s now time to figure out how I can return the favor. The Alumni Council (AC) is the governing body for the Tufts University Alumni Association (TUAA), and it’s a good place for me to start.

The AC of the TUAA is a broad platform with a global remit. I’m in a good position to represent my fellow alums, advise on enhancing communication between parents/students and the University as well as to support the Executive Committee of the AC to implement its mandate. In addition to my alumni activities in China, I’ve got a good deal of experience in academic, government and commercial sectors and am in a good position to provide strategic advice to the TUAA and University where needed. Additionally, my understanding of Chinese developments could be of value to TUAA and the University. In fact, China is now a prominent alumni region for Tufts with 500 undergraduate and graduate alumni along with over 380 parents of current undergrads and, needless to say, the more we understand China on the AC the better.

I appreciate that this is an advisory position but I hope that it could also be a catalyst to promote the execution of an idea that has been discussed at a very general level at Tufts for the last year or so. I know that Tufts has invested considerably to enhance ties institution to institution, program to program, and student to student in China. I would like to move from these conventional approaches to connection to an alternative one. I played varsity basketball and soccer at Tufts and have much experience in the sport industry in China, and I would love to explore the possibility of bringing a Tufts basketball and/or soccer team to China. In addition to a positive student experience, I think it would be a big boost for our alumni relations.

Tufts Family: Both of my sisters went to Tufts.

Bryan Bachner, A84