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Happy November from Alumni Career Services

When was the last time you asked for a raise? Read on to get best practices for securing that paycheck increase!

This month we're also talking about things to consider when weighing a potential job change. Whether you end up staying put or moving on, we'll give you plenty of ideas for your pros/cons lists. 

Discuss a Potential Job Change with an
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FAQ of the Month

How Should I Go About Asking for a Raise?

Requesting a raise makes a lot of people uncomfortable, but planning your approach can lessen anxiety and increase confidence. To that end, here are a few things to consider in your preparation:

Think about the timing. When are raises usually given? Is it typically once a year, or do people broach the subject at other times? Similarly, when does the organization make budgeting decisions? Plan a conversation with your supervisor well in advance of that process.

Do your research. What does a reasonable raise look like for your organization? 3 - 5% is typical in many areas, but it could be less or more depending on your career field and employer. You could request a specific increase, or you could wait for the employer to propose an amount. In either case, be ready to explain how you arrived at your ideal number, which leads us to ...

Make a convincing case. What are your key accomplishments of late? Which new projects or responsibilities have you taken on? Thoughtfully reflect on how you’ll communicate this increased value/productivity. For example: “I was hoping we could talk about my salary. I’ve taken on a number of new responsibilities over the last year, such as [fill in the blank], and I’d like to discuss increasing my salary to a level that reflects that.”

Alumni Career Services advisors can help you walk through an approach for securing a raise, promotion, or other advancement. And remember, if your initial request is denied, don’t be too discouraged. Prepare for your next try by asking “What would it take for me to earn a raise in the future?”

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