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Tufts Travel-Learn, along with institutional partners, tour operators, and government authorities, continues to monitor the COVID-19 outbreak. Your safety while traveling on our programs is our and our tour operators’ number one priority.  As this is a fluid situation, Travel-Learn and our tour operator partners will continue to update travelers who are booked on our trips accordingly and on a trip-by-trip basis regarding any status changes or updates for your particular departure. While we watch and wait, our operators have responded to the situation by loosening cancelation policies to allow participants to wait longer at no additional penalty. Decisions regarding the whether to operator or postpone a trip typically happen 45-60 days prior to departure.

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"We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time."  -T.S. Eliot

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While we take a pause from our favorite destinations, we are keeping the spirit of learning and exploration alive. Whether you are disappointed about canceling your travel plans, just missing your local museum, or looking for ways to introduce your family to new places, consider digital exploration and these great Virtual Travel Opportunities.

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Machu Picchu

“Machu Picchu is legendary for many reasons— the stunning scenery with its strategically perched jungle mountain above raging river far below, the marvel of Incan engineering, the unpredictable climate with rapidly alternating clouds, mist and sun with the Andes in the distance, the Incan history, etc. One of the top trips of a lifetime."

—John R. Serafini Jr., A’70,  participant on Treasures of Peru, February 2020

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December 9 to December 16, 2020
With Faculty Host Jesse Rivera
Be part of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the Total Solar eclipse. The Pucon area in southern Chile will be along the main path of the Total Solar Eclipse on December 14, 2020 at 1:03PM The location is known for its lakes, mountains and the nearby Pacific Ocean. The 7 nights / 8 days itinerary will start with a tour of Santiago, Chile’s culturally vibrant capital followed by the port city of Valparaiso declared a world heritage site by UNESCO. Experience wine tasting some of the world's finest wines in the famous wine region between Santiago and Valparaiso. Fly south to Pucon, in Chile's Lake district to get ready for the eclipse observation and call it home for a few days. Pucon is influenced by a mixture of European and Indigenous traditions and the area is surrounded by scenic, lush green jungle like vegetation and massive lakes. We will relax at Termas Geométricas thermal pools immersed in Villarrica Sur National Park, near the town of Coñaripe and do some light hiking in Huerquehue National Park and admire its natural beauty. On the day of the eclipse we will drive to our observation point to view the eclipse and later celebrate this amazing phenomenon. On our last day, we will enjoy a unique experience as we visit the indigenous Mapuche Tribe and interact with them as they take us on a cultural journey.
Solar Eclipse
January 11 to January 19, 2021
This incredible nine-day journey features a four-night cruise in the Galápagos Islands, a nature lover’s dream destination and UNESCO World Heritage site, aboard the first-class, small ship Santa Cruz II. This exploration vessel is equipped for the complete Galápagos experience, from a fleet of Zodiacs and a glass-bottom boat to certified naturalists and complimentary snorkeling gear. Visit six islands where the unique wildlife accepts up-close human interaction like nowhere else on Earth. On mainland Ecuador, enjoy three nights exploring the colonial treasures of UNESCO-inscribed Quito, one of South America’s most captivating cities nearby, and stand on the equator. Six-night Machu Picchu, Cuzco, Sacred Valley and Lima Post-Program Option.
Bluefoot boobie on shore rocks
February 24 to March 3, 2021
Join a seven-night Cuban adventure like no other! Learn about the lives and experiences of local Cubans during meaningful encounters and conversations. Engage with artists, ride in a classic convertible, meet local entrepreneurs and explore Old Havana. Visit Trinidad, Cienfuegos, an organic farm and much more. Come away with a broader perspective of Cuba’s culture and citizens while benefiting and supporting the Cuban people.
Old Havana Courtyard
November 5 to November 14, 2021
With Faculty Host Christopher Whittier
Experience Kenya's endless savanna plains and wide open vistas. It is the land of the proud Masai, an ancient Arab history and Swahili heritage. Watch the endless stream of migratory wildebeest as they cross the precarious Mara River in search of greener pastures, stand in shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro- Africa's highest peak - and meet conservationists who are in the front lines to preserve east Africa's iconic wild life. This program offers a unique experience by merging the academic and the aesthetic, by exploring Kenya’s rich ecosystem, and offering a glimpse into the country’s, and Tufts’, commitment to conservation.
Elephant family close together
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