“Amazing crew, a beautiful ship, and a comfortable state room.”

There’s so much more to the so-called “playgrounds of the rich and famous” than what’s portrayed in popular culture. Let’s discover the real riches of the Rivieras together. We’ll follow the course of history from Roman days to the French Resistance. We can explore up to five UNESCO World Heritage sites, admire a digest’s worth of architectural styles, and feel the transformative power of great works of art like Michelangelo’s David. And yes, we’ll bask in some of the world’s sunniest climes, while relaxing in five-star luxury aboard one of the world’s finest small cruise ships. We can even extend our adventure with a pre-cruise option in Rome, a post-cruise option in Barcelona, or (for maximum joie de vivre) both!

Don’t miss the boat: Only 110 deluxe suites and staterooms are available aboard the five-star M.S. Le Lyrial.

Trip Highlights

Immerse yourself in glorious art, history, culture, luxury, and sunshine.

  • Cruise in five-star luxury aboard the exclusively chartered M.S. Le Lyrial, a ship that “feels like a boutique hotel at sea” (DailyMail.com, April 16, 2016)
  • Island-hop to Corsica where, atop 200-foot-tall limestone cliffs, a great medieval citadel stands watch over a glistening natural harbor 
  • Take a full-day excursion to your choice of two enticing destinations in Tuscany: historic Pisa and Lucca, or Florence, birthplace of the Renaissance
  • Stroll cobblestone paths through the pastel-hued, cliffside villages of Cinque Terre, where every turn reveals a vignette more picturesque than any postcard
  • Soak up the sun, scenery, and seaside charm of Portofino, one of the Italian Riviera’s most iconic spots
  • Drink in Monte Carlo’s heady mix of scenic beauty and royal intrigue; then follow the sun to the jet set rendezvous of St. Tropez
  • Tour the historic heart of Marseilles, and savor the sun-drenched countryside and ubiquitous élan of Provence
  • Trace more than two thousand years of military history as you explore ancient Carcassone, the largest walled city in Europe