Accompanied by an expert Egyptian guide, this singular 15-day small group journey through antiquity reveals a storied land’s treasures.  In Cairo, visit the acclaimed Egyptian Museum, Memphis’s open-air museum, splendid Sakkara, and the astounding Pyramids of Giza with their Great Sphinx.  Traveling to Abu Simbel for a fascinating three-night Lake Nasser cruise, see its imposing temples – the setting for a dramatic sound-and-light show – then sail on to ancient Nubia’s other outstanding temples:  Amada, Wadi el-Seboua, New Kalabsha, and Philae.  After touring Aswan’s massive dam, depart on a classic four-night Nile voyage, enjoying a sail aboard a traditional felucca and visiting Kom Ombo’s unusual temple and Edfu’s remarkably preserved Temple of Horus.  Reaching Luxor, explore its awe-inspiring temple complexes.  With two final nights in Cairo, tour the exotic Khan el-Khalili bazaar and historic Old Cairo.  Discover fabled “rose red” Petra, ancient Jerash, and Amman with an optional 5-day/4-night post-tour Jordan extension.

  • Trip Itinerary

    Day 1. Depart the U.S. or Canada
    Day 2. Arrive Cairo, Egypt
    Day 3. Cairo
    Day 4. Cairo
    Day 5. Abu Simbel/Embark Lake Nesser cruise
    Day 6. Kasr Ibrim/Amada/Wadi el-Seboua
    Day 7. Valley of the Lions/Aswan
    Day 8. Disembark/Aswan/Embark Nile cruise
    Day 9. Kom Ombo/Edfu/Luxor
    Day 10. Luxor/West Bank
    Day 11. Luxor/East Bank
    Day 12. Disembark/Luxor
    Day 13. Luxor/Cairo
    Day 14. Cairo
    Day 14. Arrive in the U.S./Canada

  • Trip Highlights

    • Full day touring of Cairo, including visit to acclaimed Egyptian Museum.
    • Experience the Great Pyramids, Sphinx, Memphis, Sakkara
    • Visit Abu Simbel's temples and statues.
    • Cruise on Lake Nasser, pass the last Nubian settlement and visit the sphinxes in the Valley of the Lions.
    • Tour the Aswan High Dam.
    • Cruise the Nile visiting the ancient trading town of Kom Ombo, explore Edfu with its Temple of Horus, Egypt's best-preserved temple.
    • Enjoy a relaxing sail on small feluccas, replicas of ancient Nile sailboats.
    • Explore Luxor, both the East and West banks. 
    • Visit the Valley of the Kings with 34 royal tombs, and the Valley of the Queens.
    • Tour Karnak, whose ruins stretch for more than a mile to connect with Luxor and built over 1,500 years.
    • Enjoy free time in Cairo to explore bazaars and enjoy Egyptian cuisine.