As the proverb goes, “To know Russia is to know the Volga.” Join us for three nights in stately St. Petersburg, followed by a six-night voyage along some of Russia’s most picturesque lakes and a fabled stretch of the Volga, Europe’s longest river. You will sail in luxury aboard the elegant Volga Dream from St. Petersburg to Moscow, stepping off to explore charming medieval towns, multicolored cathedrals, and graceful monasteries throughout the Russian heartland. Lectures from acclaimed scholars will add wonderful depth and context to your adventure. During your stay in St. Petersburg you'll enjoy a before-hours viewing of the treasures in the Hermitage Museum, travel to Peterhof, Peter the Great’s magnificent complex of palaces and gardens, and delight in a perusal of the Fabergé Museum before boarding the elegant Volga Dream.  During your cruise, take in stunning scenery as you cross Europe’s largest freshwater lake and call at Svirstroy, where you will have the rare opportunity to observe Russian village life through the eyes of local residents. Arrive on the magical island of Kizhi, UNESCO-listed for its striking architecture, including a towering wooden church constructed without nails. In Goritsy, admire extraordinary medieval Russian frescoes inside the Ferapontov Monastery. Visit marvelously well-preserved Yaroslavl, the oldest city on the Volga. In medieval Uglich, attend a special a cappella concert inside a 15th-century lakeside church with exceptional acoustics.

  • Itinerary

    Hidden Gems of Russia's Heartland: St. Petersburg to Moscow aboard Volga Dream
    Day 1.  
    Depart the U.S. or Canada on an overnight flight
    Day 2.  St. Petersburg, Russia
    Day 3.  St. Petersburg
    Day 4.  St. Petersburg
    Day 5.  St. Petersburg / Embark Volga Dream
    Day 6.  Svirstroy
    Day 7.  Kizhi
    Day 8.  Goritsy
    Day 9.  Yaroslavl
    Day 10. Uglich
    Day 11. Moscow / Disembark / Return home
    *Cruise itinerary is subject to change.

  • Trip Highlights

    • Before hours tour of Hermitage Museum
    • Explore Peter the Great's complex of palaces and gardens
    • Behind-the-scenes look at Catherine the Great's luxurious Royal Bathhouse
    • Visit the fairy-tale island of Kizhi, with its iconic multi-domed wooden churches
    • Mingle with local residents in the riverside village of Svirstroy
    • Delight in an intimate a cappella concert inside a 15th century church with exceptional acoustics
    • 3 nights hotel at the Hotel Astoria in St. Petersburg
    • 6 nights aboard the luxurious Volga Dream
    • Complimentary open bar aboard the cruise