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The Tufts University Alumni Association is pleased to offer an online book club exclusively for Tufts alumni. Continue to learn beyond the classroom by joining your alumni peers in thought provoking discussions. You can chat, participate, and add to the conversation whenever it is convenient for you. Share your interesting and thought-provoking comments and questions on our private discussion boards, which are always open. Participate from your own home, or on the go! You do not have to read every book--there are no tests or quizzes here. 

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Waiting for Eden

A novel by Elliot Ackerman, A02, F03 (a Tufts Alum!)

Eden lies in a hospital bed, unable to move or speak. His wife Mary spends every day on the sofa in his room. We see them through the eyes of Eden’s best friend, a fellow Marine who didn’t make it back home—and who must relive the secrets held between all three of them as he waits for Eden to finally, mercifully die and join him in whatever comes after.
A breathtakingly spare and shattering novel that explores the unseen aftereffects—and unacknowledged casualties—of war, "Waiting for Eden" is a piercingly insightful, deeply felt meditation on loyalty, friendship, betrayal, and love.

Don't have time to finish the book? Don't worry, supplementary material will be provided in the group for those who are unable to read or complete it.

Waiting for eden book cover

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I join the virtual book club?

Step 1) Log in to GoodReads.com, or create an account if you don’t already have one.
Don’t have an account? Don’t worry, all you need is an email to register!

Step 2) Request to join the Tufts Alumni Virtual Book Club.
Don’t forget to answer the entry question – remember, the group is for the alumni community only! You will be granted access by our group moderator. 

Step 3) Start reading and discussing! 
Don't forget to download the app so you can discuss from anywhere!


How frequent is the book club?

Currently, the book club reads two books a year, one in the spring and one in the fall. The book is selected by alumni through a survey, and the selected text is announced two months before discussions begin. 


Do I need to read every book?

There is no formal time commitment for the book club – you can spend as much or as little time participating as you’d like. We will provide as much supplemental material as possible for each book club, so everyone is able to participate, even if you don’t have time to read the book cover to cover.


How does a virtual discussion work?

Once you’re a member of the Tufts Alumni Virtual Book Club group, you’ll be able to participate by commenting, posing questions to your fellow readers, and reacting to others' comments. The book club moderator will help lead regular discussions during the discussion month, but all alumni are welcome to chime in with their own questions and take-aways from the book. 

If you have any technical troubles with the book club, you can contact the club moderator Amelia Varteresian at amelia.varteresian@tufts.edu or 617.627.5786


Why not a regular, non-virtual book club?

The Tufts Alumni Book Club is virtual so alumni from all across the world can participate on their own schedule. However, if you are interested in hosting an in-person book club gathering, please contact Amelia Varteresian at amelia.varteresian@tufts.edu or 617.627.5786.


Can I recommend a book for the club to read?

Of course! While we do try to feature authors from the Tufts community, like faculty or alumni, we’re open to all suggestions. Use this form to submit a suggestion.


Help! What if I still have questions?

We’re here to help! You can contact our book club moderator, Amelia, directly at amelia.varteresian@tufts.edu or 617.627.5786. You can also send Amelia a message through GoodReads – she is here to answer all your questions.


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