Expanding access to a life-changing Tufts education

At Tufts University, we believe that education is a transformational gift for students, their families, and the world. We put that belief into action, meeting 100% of demonstrated financial need for our undergraduates for all four years. Financial aid goes hand-in-hand with Tufts’ long-term commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

In 2021, the Schuler Education Foundation—co-founded by Tufts graduates Jack Schuler, E62, E91P, and his daughter, Tanya Schuler Sharman, E91—made a $500 million commitment to financial aid at highly selective liberal arts colleges for students with undocumented status, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), and Pell Grant eligibility. Tufts is honored to be selected as a partner institution.

Unlocking the Schuler funds: The Foundation has challenged the Tufts community to contribute $25 million in financial aid for this student population, and will match those gifts up to $25 million. When we reach our goal by July 31, 2026, the Foundation will contribute an additional $2.5 million.

Your impact: The primary beneficiaries are the scholarship recipients and their families, but your gift strengthens Tufts for all of our students by creating a truly diverse and inclusive community that represents a broad spectrum of life experiences and perspectives.

Through the Schuler Access Initiative, you can change the lives of students like Grace Perry, A19, a biology and environmental studies major whose Tufts experience inspired her to pursue a career as an OB/GYN serving Spanish-speaking populations, or Eduardo Vargas Gutierrez, E22, a mechanical engineering and math major originally from Costa Rica who serves as a STEM Ambassador to other young people and hopes to build vehicles for space exploration.

Read more about the Schuler Access Initiative and its impact on Tufts students in our Tufts Now story and news release.


Please join us.

Generations of Tufts alumni and friends have discovered that supporting today's students is one of the most fulfilling ways to support the university and extend your personal connection to Tufts. We invite you to join the Schuler Access Initiative to increase the power of your generosity and shape a bright future for Tufts students, their families, and the world.

Make a Difference

For more information, please contact:

Matt Scheck, Senior Director of Development, School of Arts and Sciences: 617-627-4315, matthew.scheck@tufts.edu

Leila Rice, Senior Director of Development, School of Engineering: 617-627-4512, leila.rice@tufts.edu