Leadership and Endowment Gifts: Enhancing Tufts’ Academic Mission

Alumni and friends partner philanthropically with Tufts in many ways. Leadership gifts to the endowment are particularly vital to Tufts. When you give to the endowment, you create an enduring legacy at the university—one that will benefit students and faculty for generations to come and that builds on Tufts’ integrity and reputation. Thanks to generous philanthropy and strategic, prudent investments, Tufts’ endowment totals $2.4 billion as of June 30, 2023.

Tufts’ endowment was established to ensure a perpetual source of support to serve this mission. Its funds provide access to an exceptional education for dedicated students from all social and economic backgrounds, attract world-class educators and scholars, and support the development of leading-edge educational opportunities. As a reliable pool of funds, the endowment enables the university to meet budgetary obligations when other sources of revenue fluctuate.

Endowed gifts exist in perpetuity—that is, when the gift is invested, the principal value is preserved and an established percentage of the endowment is distributed annually for use by the university. Over time, each gift grows in value, providing increasing resources in future years and enabling the university to plan with confidence. Endowed gifts strengthen Tufts by:

  • Giving Tufts the resources to increase access to education for the best students around the globe. Financial aid remains the single greatest challenge facing all of Tufts’ schools, and endowed scholarships ensure that we can maintain our legacy of diversity and inclusion.
  • Helping the university attract and retain outstanding faculty. Endowed named professorships, for instance, offer prestige and recognition to leading Tufts scholars and researchers whose expertise invigorates the entire academic enterprise.
  • Providing the university the flexibility and freedom to seize every opportunity and continue to support innovation and discovery in all their forms, including endowed centers and other cutting-edge research.

You may review the university’s Annual Endowment Report for Fiscal Year 2023. For more information about how our endowment is invested, please visit investments.tufts.edu.

To learn more about leadership and endowment gift opportunities, please contact:

Joshua Else