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Education Can Change the World.

International chair of Brighter World’s Campaign Cabinet Ankur Sahu, E91, A22P, focuses on how Tufts can have a greater impact globally.

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How can you make an impact?

MEETING THE GREATEST NEED Each year brings a mix of the new and unexpected. Being nimble helps Tufts take advantage of opportunities to support new initiatives and bol­ster existing programs through the Tufts Parents Fund for Arts, Sciences and Engineering. Parents often earmark their gifts for the area of greatest need, allowing our deans to allocate funds when and where they are most needed to help students thrive.

UNLOCKING OPPORTUNITIES Support for scholarships helps enhance the Tufts experience for everyone at the university. To learn from and be challenged by fellow students with different backgrounds, values, and personal experiences broadens students’ perspective, enriches them, and prepares them to be global citizens.

OFFERING INTERNSHIPS AND RESEARCH EXPERIENCE The Tufts Summer Internship and Summer Scholars programs provide funds to students so they can pursue unpaid internships or participate in research projects with faculty mentors. Funding grants for summer research and internships from Boston to Hong Kong allow Jumbos to ex­plore their passions and gain real-world experience that will help usher them into fulfilling careers.

BOLSTERING THE BROWN & BLUE When you support Tufts Athletics, you benefit the entire Tufts commu­nity. That’s because Tufts Athletics encompasses varsity sports, club and intramural teams, and a host of health and wellness offerings, all of which foster lifelong fitness goals. Support can come in a number of dif­ferent forms: endowing a coaching position, helping build new athletics and recreational facilities, or making gifts that help augment the overall athletics experience at Tufts.

ADVANCING TEACHING AND RESEARCH Our faculty push the boundaries of knowledge, conduct innovative research that has real-world applications, make life-changing discover­ies, and mentor students to become scholars and leaders in their fields. Resources for recruiting and retaining first-tier faculty—such as estab­lishing named professorships and funding research—will help inspire students to learn, explore, thrive, and discover their passions.

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