When You Make a Packard Society Gift, You Link Exceptional Students With World-Class Opportunities

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The Packard Society is a community of distinguished alumni, parents, and friends who play a leadership role through their annual gifts to the Tufts Fund for Arts, Sciences, and Engineering.

The Packard Society is named in honor of Sylvanus Packard, a devoted trustee from 1852 to 1866. Leadership donors like Sylvanus Packard have chosen to make the university a philanthropic priority, and their generous donations represent their commitment to providing students with a transformative experience and a powerful education.

Together, you are lighting the way to an even brighter future for Tufts, and the world. 

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Your Choice to Lead

You always have the choice to direct your gift to the initiatives that are important to you. 

Make a Leadership Gift

Your Impact as a Leadership Donor

Summer Internship Grants

Your $4,500 gift provides a grant to an undergraduate doing a full-time, unpaid summer internship, enabling more students to explore career fields and gain professional experience, regardless of financial circumstances.


Summer Scholars

Your $6,000 gift will fund a rigorous and rewarding ten-week independent research project for an undergraduate student working with a faculty mentor.

Tufts Fund Scholars

Your $10,000 gift will be joined with gifts from up to four other donors to create a one-year scholarship. You will help provide the most essential resource needed to admit talented and inquisitive students into the Tufts community: financial aid.


Annual Term Scholarships

By creating a named term scholarship for $25,000, you become the direct link between an exceptional student and a world-class education.

Packard Society
  • Trustees’ Circle $50,000+
  • President’s Circle $25,000+
  • Society of Tufts Fellows $10,000+
  • Visionary $5,000+
  • Benefactor $2,500+
  • Partner $1,000+
Deans' Inner Circle
  • Alumni: $100 times years since graduation
  • Students: $25


Tufts' fiscal year runs from July 1-June 30.

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Jumbo Gifts That Keep On Giving

"My four years at Tufts were a wonderful and life-changing experience. It's really important to me that other kids have the same opportunities that I had, and that Tufts be able to attract and enroll students who are incredible scholars and exceptional people."

Bridget Fay, E03

Extraordinary Support for Extraordinary Students and Faculty

Valuable Spending Power

Each gift to the Tufts Fund has a Jumbo effect on campus life. Since it is put to immediate use, an annual gift has roughly 25 times the immediate spending power of an endowed gift in the year it was made.

A Collective Impact

Packard Society donors are a vital component of the Tufts Fund, providing more than 80% of the dollars contributed  each year.

Lighting the Hill

As a Packard Society donor, your philanthropy is a commitment to today's students. Now more than ever, your leadership gift enables students to create positive change on the Hill and across the globe.

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