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Tufts Student Giving is a student-driven giving initiative for undergraduates that raises money for financial aid to help ensure that all students, regardless of financial circumstances, can have access to a Tufts education. Supported by the Tufts Annual Giving, Tufts Student Giving hosts an annual campaign and events throughout the year to increase philanthropic awareness and donations.  Tufts Student Giving focuses its efforts on increasing student participation by trying to get as many students engaging with the university as possible.

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What does TSG do?

  • Senior Class Gift Campaign

    In the spirit of giving back and supporting one another, when the senior class achieves their donor participation goal, they will secure a $10,000 donation to financial aid in honor of their class. Donors who give $5 or more will also be thanked with a class specific donor shirt.

    Aside from financial aid, funds raised from the Senior Class Gift also go toward improving the Tufts community by financially supporting other programs that have shaped all of our experiences at Tufts up until now - from club sports, to BEAST, to pre-orientation programs, etc. Without Senior Class Gifts from years past we may not have had these amazing experiences. It's now our time to do the same for the next generation and ensure that theese opportunities can exist in the future.

    If you feel strongly that a certain organization has made a formative impact on your Tufts experience, you can choose to contribute directly toward that group and still support the Senior Class Gift Campaign.

    All areas relevant to student life at Tufts, including financial aid, athletics, and the arts receive backing from student donors, so let's continue to make the Tufts experience as vibrant as possible!

  • Student Crowdfunding

    Crowdfunding at Tufts is a platform to help Tufts community members raise money to bring their ideas to life. Projects on this platform promote innovation and community impact across the university and catalyze transformational projects. 

    Does your student organization need funding to support an accessibility fund, attend a conference, participate in nationals, or additional general funding? Tufts Crowdfunding serves as a ditigal platform to mobilize your networks to support your student organization.  By partnering with Tufts Student Giving for your group's fundraising goals, 100% of donations will go directly to your group, raised funds can be used across multiple school years, we can accept JumboCash donations, and more.

    Are you interested in fundraising for a cause or initiative at Tufts, such as finanancial aid or the unxexpected hardship fund?  TSG will help your project succeed.

    To learn more about Tufts Crowdfunding, the application process, and past projects, visit crowdfund.tufts.edu.

  • #TuftsGivingTuesday

    Launched in 2012, #GivingTuesday, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving (US), is a global day dedicated to giving back. Each year, Tufts has gotten more involved—last year $3,559,814 was fundraised for Tufts through 8,531 donations.

    #TuftsGivingTuesday is an important Tufts tradition for students, alumni, parents, friends, faculty, and staff to support what matters most to them—and to you —at Tufts.

    Each year, there are dozens of challenges focusing on financial aid, student life, athletics, the unexpected hardship fund, DEIJ initiatives, first-generation student support, and much more. 

    On #TuftsGivingTuesday, Tufts Student Giving organizes on campus events to engage students and make it easy to participate.  On average, more than 1,000 undergraduate students make a donation on #TuftsGivingTuesday!

  • Philanthropy Education

    Tufts Student Giving has launched a transparency series, Swipe for Transparency, on our Instagram to educate students and members of the Tufts community about common misconceptions about the university.  By taking already public information about Tufts and compiling it into an accessible, clear, and concise format, we hope to shed light on how Tufts functions as a private, non-for-profit, university.

    Additionally, we distribute a monthly newsletter where we share what we love about Tufts, information about philanthropy, and ways to get involved with TSG.  However, we are only able to incorporate so much information into our monthly newsletter, so we have created a site to provide our readers with more information regarding the different topics we touch upon in our monthly release.  If you would like to sign up for our newsletter, please complete this form

  • Tufts Pride

    Although you may be a Tufts undergraduate student for ~4 years, upon graduation you are a part of the Tufts alumni community for life.  By partnering with Tufts Office of Alumni Engagement (OAE) and Young Friends of Tufts Advancement (YFTA), we hope to educate students about what it means to be an alumnus.  

    We also help foster Tufts pride through our weekly Tufts specific trivia questions on our Instagram page and March Madness brackets.

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Our Committees

  • Publicity and Outreach

    The Publicity and Outreach Committee helps with creative outreach on social media and/or the monthly newsletter while also growing our presence on campus by publicizing our events/meetings on social media.

  • Events and Logistics

    The Events and Logistics Committee helps with the logistics associated with planning large fundraising events, brainstorming ideas for meetings, as well as tabling efforts.  When student crowdfunding campaigns hope to table on campus, the Events and Logistics Committee will help support their efforts.

  • Education and Research

    The Education and Research Committee researches material for weekly meetings and creates an educational curriculum for philanthropic awareness on campus.  Examples of research include gathering information from the University's annual Fact Book and compiling it into a student accessible formate.

Our Leaders

The Tufts Student Giving Directors are at the core of Tufts Student Giving’s success. They are the organization leaders that oversee the management, organization, and implementation of our mission and initiatives.

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Emilia Rosinski

Emilia Rosinski, A24

"I chose to lead TSG because through raising philanthropic awareness and increasing transparency about Tufts Giving, I am able to contribute to keeping Tufts strong for current and future members of the Tufts community. My experience as a Tufts student has been a formative one, and I really value the opportunity to give back to a community that has impacted me so much."

Co-Director of Tufts Student Giving
Ryan sits on a chair and smiles at the camera!

Ryan Sorbi, A25

"Being involved in TSG is important to me because it allows me to champion financial inclusivity and ensure that every student has the opportunity to engage in the Tufts experience."

Co-Director of Tufts Student Giving

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