I’ll Take the Case: Wild & True Law Stories

A Conversation with author Jonathan Plaut, A92

Location: Online

Date: June 23, 2021

Time: 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Sponsor: Tufts Lawyers Association

Cost: Free, but please register

I'll Take The Case: Wild & True Law Stories book cover

Join Tufts alum and long-time litigator Jonathan D. Plaut, A92, as he reads us selections from his newest book, “I’ll Take the Case: Wild & True Law Stories”. 

In the book, Plaut shares 18 of his best true law stories – out of over 1,500 he has handled in his career. These stories are told in a quick, easily-readable style, and they introduce the reader to the real-life world of a litigator. Some of Plaut’s stories are funny, some are poignant, some are heartbreaking and some are just wild, and they range from criminal law, civil litigation and sports law to international disputes and family battles.  

“One story is about a maritime mutiny out of Gloucester,” Plaut says, “and another is about a lawsuit where I sued Don King on behalf of a World Heavyweight boxing champion. Another is about a fistfight which occurred on a Korean Airlines flight which made headline news throughout South Korea.” There are several stories about rock stars he has represented, and some are about sex-based crimes and their aftermath. “It’s packed with details, and I share the nuances of my legal strategies.” Plaut tells us that the book contains stories about jury trials, self-defenestration and some super strange barters for legal services. “Fasten your seatbelt,” Plaut cautions. 

Plaut’s book is available on Amazon. Tufts’ own Sol Gittleman called it “a stunning achievement”. Another lawyer in Boston just called it “a peep show into the incredible world of litigation”. 

Plaut will also field questions---about law school, the practice of law, rock & roll stories from the road, or anything else you might want to ask! He will also giveaway three autographed books to attendees picked at random.

The discussion will be moderated by Sabienne Brutus, A13

This event is sponsored by Tufts Lawyers Association and open to all students, alumni, parents and friends. We look forward to seeing you on June 23!