Reunion Challenge 2023

Yes, I'll participate in the Tufts Reunion Challenge!

The tradition continues! Celebrate your Reunion by helping current students look forward to their own. You can make a BIG difference in the life of a Tufts student by participating in the Tufts Reunion Challenge. When your class reaches its Reunion donor goal (between July 1, 2022 and June 30, 2023), a generous alumnus will fund a one-year scholarship in your class’s name for a student in the fall of 2023. No matter the size of your donation, your gift will make a tangible impact on the life of one student and on the Tufts experience for all Jumbos.


Class Year Goal Donors Needed


200 Coming Soon!


250 Coming Soon!
2013 300 Coming Soon!
2008 275 Coming Soon!
2003 275 Coming Soon!
1998 325 Coming Soon!
1993 300 Coming Soon!
1988 325 Coming Soon!
1983 300 Coming Soon!
1978 200 Coming Soon!
1973 250 Coming Soon!
1968 175 Coming Soon!
1963 150 Coming Soon!