Gifts to the Tufts Fund for Arts, Sciences & Engineering are at work on campus every day, supporting students and faculty, underwriting new resources, updating facilities, and increasing the many educational opportunities at Tufts.

Tufts relies on charitable gifts from alumni, parents, faculty, staff, and friends to support initiatives central to our mission: financial aid, professorships, library resources, lab equipment, athletic facilities, and so much more. The generosity of donors like you makes the light on the Hill even brighter. (Literally. The Tufts Fund keeps the lights on in classrooms and dorm rooms across campus.) Every gift matters. Thank you!


Donate to the Annual Fund

Annual, unrestricted gifts to the Tufts Fund for Arts, Sciences & Engineering can be used immediately where they are needed most. The university uses the fund to prioritize needs, harness new opportunities, and react to unforeseen challenges.

The annual fund supports almost every aspect of campus life, from world-class professors, to campus-wide Wi-Fi, to service trips around the world. Gifts to the Tufts Fund are spent, and therefore needed, each fiscal year (July 1 through June 30).

Direct Your Giving

You can support Tufts and the areas that are important to you. Tufts faculty and students are leading innovative projects to address global and local challenges. We can work with you to match your interests with a current project.

Give What You Can

Gifts of all sizes, from more than 20,000 donors, have a Jumbo impact. In fact, 77 percent of gifts to the Tufts Fund last year were under $250.

Your donation goes further than you may think. The more alumni who give each year, the higher Tufts rises in national university rankings. By helping us increase the number of alumni donors, you enhance the university’s reputation and value of a Tufts degree.

Make A Gift

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