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August Greetings from Alumni Career Services

This month, you have the opportunity help Tufts students unlock their potential by joining The Herd -- our new, online community for alumni-student flash mentoring. Flash mentoring is one-time or short-term mentoring centered around tactical meetings that provide timely knowledge for participants. And, of course, mentors and mentees can also develop lasting relationships.

What exactly does a mentor do? Mentors share industry knowledge and expertise, coach students on particular skills/competencies, facilitate students’ growth by sharing resources and networks, provide feedback on students’ strategies, and more.
What does a mentor NOT do? A mentor doesn’t have all the answers for their mentee or initiate all contact with their mentee. They aren’t expected to provide jobs or internships for the mentee.

I’m interesting in joining The Herd. What are my next steps?
First, you’ll complete your profile. Signing up with LinkedIn will automatically fill in some of your info. You’ll set availability preferences to indicate how much time you can commit to the mentor role. Students who join the program will be able to view alumni profiles and reach out to ask questions or request meetings.(Students will be invited to join The Herd in September 2019).

Join The Herd and Help Current Students

FAQ of the Month

I'm reviewing my resume and I'm unsatisfied with a lot of my bullet points. How can I re-write them so they pack more of a punch?

Good question! Even if you're not job searching, it's wise to periodically revisit your resume -- especially the bullet points -- to make sure it's still a strong self-marketing document. 

Perfect resume bullets (and not all can be perfect!) contain the following: A strong verb, a story (ideally with quantifiable info), and results. For example: Taught a class for 20 incoming kindergartners with behavioral challenges and by the end of the week everyone had successfully learned new coping and meditation techniques.

Part of strengthening bullets involves going beyond duties and responsibilities, i.e., what you're supposed to do, and reframing those statements to give specific examples of what you actually did and the difference it made (a.k.a. the impact) for your employer.  

Resume Revamp: How to Turn Your Duties into Accomplishments

Spotlight on ... Securing Strong Mentors

While we're on the subject of mentoring (sign up here for The Herd!), here are some tips for finding your own mentor(s) and making the most of mentoring relationships as you navigate your career path.

And for those who plan to join The Herd ... Here's What the Best Mentors Do

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