Creating a New Campus Community

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Replacing a 60-year-old facility, Tufts’ new Central Energy Plant (CEP) is now up and running on Boston Avenue. It is projected to slash campus energy costs by about 20 percent while lighting, heating, and cooling university buildings in Medford and Somerville.
Laura Gee, an assistant professor of economics, explains that traditional economic studies assume everyone is 100 percent rational when predicting outcomes.
Growing up in Boston, Hezekiah Branch, dreamed of becoming a Jumbo. So, he was elated when he received his acceptance letter and financial aid award. “Financial aid was one of the reasons I felt so confident in coming here,” he shares.

When Yang Yu, VG16, arrived in the Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in southern Qinghai, China, the first thing she noticed was the dogs. Huge and black with thick ruffs of fur like lions’ manes, Tibetan mastiffs were everywhere.