Dear Tufts seniors,

Congratulations on graduating! If you lit a candle at the Illumination Ceremony the night before, thank you for helping me spread the light on the Hill as I welcomed you as our newest alumni. On behalf of the Tufts University Alumni Association (TUAA), I want to let you know about an opportunity to become involved as alumni.

Every year, the Tufts Alumni Council (TAC) welcomes up to four members of the graduating undergraduate class to serve as Transitional Council members. Transitional Members typically serve a five-year term on the Alumni Council. It is important to note that the Alumni Association is currently going through a transition period, and, at this writing, it is not clear if the term will last the full five years.

You can learn more about the role and submit your (brief) application online if you’re interested in volunteering with TAC and staying involved after graduation.

Please be sure to apply by Thursday, September 1st at midnight. Please direct any questions to the Office of Alumni Engagement at

Pax et Lux,

Jennifer Covell, J86

President, Tufts University Alumni Association


Interested in getting involved?

Apply to be a Transitional Member today! 

Senior Elections

Each year, the Tufts Alumni Council welcomes four graduating seniors to participate as Transitional Members on the Council. These recent alumni, selected each spring by the graduating class, serve a five-year term.

During their tenure, Transitional Members provide energy and leadership to improve young alumni programming and services, strengthen ties between alumni and students, and participate actively on committees addressing relevant issues for younger graduates.

  • What is the Alumni Association?

    All graduates from any school or program at Tufts are automatically lifelong members of the Tufts University Alumni Association (TUAA). TUAA is a not-for-profit, non-dues paying organization, comprised of over 100,000 members, that helps link Tufts alumni to the University and to each other. TUAA helps create, fund, and run events at alumni chapters around the world to enrich the lives of alumni. Young alumni currently comprise about 25% of the Alumni Association body, which is why young alumni volunteers are so important. 

  • What is the nomination process for?

    TUAA is governed by a body called the Alumni Council. Comprised entirely of alumni, this groups makes the decisions that directly impact the direction and choices of the Alumni Association. Alumni are elected to the Council by their peers through an annual vote open to the whole alumni community. 

    Each year, four members of the senior class are voted on to the Council by classmates as Transitional Members, and as such, they have the same voting rights and responsibilities as Term Members on the Council who are elected by the full alumni body. 

  • Why would I be interested in becoming and Alumni Council Member?

    As a Transitional Council member, you can help your classmates stay connected to Tufts after they leave the Hill. You will also help to plan your class reunion events. For both these roles, you can put your social media skills to use by promoting events and initiatives that would be of interest to your classmates. 

  • What would I do on the Alumni Council?

    As a Transitional Member of the Alumni Council, your responsibilities would include:

    • Communicating with your class on matters related to reunions, class events, and University news through email, phone calls/texts, Facebook, Instagram and other social media outlets. 
    • Working closely with the Office of Alumni Engagement (OAE) and Tufts Annual Giving to oversee class reunion activities, including recruiting, and leading a group of classmates.
  • What are the terms of membership?

    As a member of the Alumni Council, you would be expected to:

    • Serve on an Alumni Council committee. Roles and responsibilities vary by committee. 
    • Support both the University and Alumni Council each year with a financial gift of any size. 
    • Attend at least one of two Alumni Council meetings annually, either in-person on campus or remotely. 

Need a refresher on the Alumni Association (TUAA) or the Tufts Alumni Council (TAC)?

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