Chiamaka is a double Jumbo. She currently works as an Analog Design Engineer at Intel Corporation in Massachusetts. Prior to that, she had co-op'ed/interned at Bose Corporation and Analog Devices, Inc. While at Tufts, she belonged to several student organizations, participated in various extracurricular activities and was a member of a research lab. Chiamaka loves a good excuse to solve problems and therefore takes a keen interest in anything masked or represented as a problem. To her, Engineering is a mindset and one could reach into the "toolboxes" to solve different issues regardless of the realm especially given the interdisciplinary world of today.

Similarly, Chiamaka loves to chat about careers - strategies, goals, crafting and re-crafting roles, finding fulfillment in one’s work, etc.,   having navigated similar concerns as an under-represented, international, and female engineer in a male-dominated field. She therefore loves to share these experiences with Tufts students and friends. She acknowledges and appreciates all the help she received while at Tufts especially with the Career Services (Shout-out to Robin Kahan!), the SOE, the International Center and European Center amongst other departments, and therefore loves any chance to give back. She’s also very interested in activities related to increasing under-represented groups in STEM.

While not at work, Chiamaka could be found chatting with family (and host families), catching up with friends, learning a language via Duolingo, enjoying bike rides, doing some home improvement projects, or thinking about business/entrepreneurship. A fun-fact is that she loves social-juggling (TikToc especially), a skillset she picked up at ADI. Chiamaka believes variety is the spice of life and therefore loves to try different experiences. A mini-study abroad in Talloires and collaborating with the Commuter House roommates to bring hayrides to Tufts were some of her best memories while at Tufts.

Chiamaka Chima, E14, EG16 photo

Chiamaka Chima, E14, EG16