Mr. Doug Harris, A81 of Charlotte, NC

Doug Harris of Charlotte, NC

BA, Economics & Sociology, 1981

Current Occupation: Chief Executive Officer, The Kaleidoscope Group, LLC,; Keynote Speaker,, Founder & Board Chairman, KaleidoServe, NFP,

Previous Occupations: The Kaleidoscope Group, Managing Director, 1997 – 2005, Consultant, Training and Leadership, 1989-1993; Harbridge House Consulting, Consultant 1989-1993; Kenneth Nicholas & Associates, Executive Search Consultant (Minority Recruitment), 1985 – 1989, Proctor & Gamble, Sales & Management Manager 1981 – 1984

Other Professional/Volunteer Affiliations and Activities: Board of Trustees, Kingswood Oxford Board, 2016 Present; Deacon, Rock of Ages Baptist Church, 2010 Present; Founder, KaleidoServe, NFP, 2012 Present; Trustee, Adler University (formerly known as Adler School of Professional Psychology) 2013 2016; Inducted into the New England Basketball Hall of Fame, 2015; Executive Board Member, Spark, NFP, 2013 2015; Nominated by Chicago United as one of the top 50 Business Leaders of Color, 2019; Omega Phi Psi, initiated 1980; United States Army Reserve, 1984 1990

Candidate Statement: I am pursuing the election as Tufts Alumni Trustee to make a great institution even better. As a Tufts student, I was privileged to be a part of many facets of campus life, and it is that experience that has fueled my commitment to Tufts and the greater Tufts community. As an Alum, I have assisted the university with diversity and inclusion issues on campus, was a regional recruiter of minority students for the Chicago area, was on the Board of Athletics, sponsored events designed to encourage different alums to connect and reengage with the university, and served as a speaker for various activities. My love for this institution deeply connects with Tuft's vision, “To be an innovative university of creative scholars across a broad range of schools who have a profound impact on one another and the world.” I found that when we truly engage all of us, when we value differences and foster long-lasting interconnections, we become more than scholars -- we become real sisters and brothers who intimately have a profound impact on one another and the world.

I use the world privileged to highlight the fact that every student didn’t have the extraordinary experience I had on campus. I was captain of the basketball team, president of The Black Drama Society, and president of Tufts chapter of the NAACA, all of which provided me status and access. But more importantly, it offered me an opportunity and the responsibility to give back. As such, it was as a peer mentor to students across dimensions of race, class, and tenure where I was able to tap into my ability to help students navigate the challenges of university life and help create a better connection with the university. Tufts does a great job of creating a quality educational environment and a thriving alumni community. Here are three areas in which I feel I can be an asset in strengthening the University:

     1. Assisting the University to navigate diversity and inclusion issues: My 30+ years in diversity and inclusion make me uniquely qualified to continue helping Tufts tackle issues in this area. I can assist Tufts in responding to problems that arise as well as help create an environment that minimizes these issues.

     2. Building a stronger and more connected Tufts Community: As the University embarks on new initiatives and enhancements, I can assist with connecting and re-engaging alumni from all walks of life. In my line of work and as part of my life’s passion, I seek to connect people. Tufts has a wealth of alumni talent and student talent that we can bridge together and tap into, making the university more powerful. I genuinely believe “we are better together.”

     3. Enhancing Tufts’ commitment to innovation: I believe any transformation must include innovation, and I’m excited that innovation, collaboration, and entrepreneurship are at the foundation of the Brighter World initiative. While innovation is about new ideas, it is also about bringing those ideas to life. As a strategist, I am committed to helping the University embrace innovation in a way that will invite, engage, and inspire our community. 

Becoming a Tufts Alumni Trustee is part of my renewed focus to enhance my impact in the areas I have chosen to spend my time and energy on. Tufts has and continues to be an important part of my life, and I am confident I can help make it better in this capacity.

Doug Harris, A81