Creating a New Campus Community

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Alumnus Steven Koltai, with “enormous respect for the community college student,” is merging his interest in advancing society with a scholarship for transfer students.
Steven Koltai
David Hammer, director of the new Institute on Research and Learning, talks about the education research the institute is launching, and the gift from the McDonnell Foundation that made it possible. “It’s really inspiring what can happen if we think differently.”
David Hammer
Trustee John Bello is making sure the legacy of his late friend Lee Nordan lives on, together with Lee’s widow, Helen. “It seems logical to make this annual award to a student who has chosen the same career path as Lee, and to help them get their start in medicine.”
Lee Nordan
George Kramer’s parents helped him succeed at Cummings School, and in his career in veterinary cardiology. After they passed away, he decided to thank them with a scholarship in their name.
George Kramer