Creating a New Campus Community

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Not long ago, in a galaxy not far away that included Medford, there was a college that, without knowing it, was about to witness a curricular revolution.

An illustration includes photos of Tufts students with film and television cameras and other movie-related gear in the foreground and poster art from classic movies and television in the background.

Growing up in a one-bedroom flat in a triple-decker with his parents and three sisters in Somerville’s Teele Square, Peter Delli Colli, A69, D73, never could have imagined he would have a lifelong relationship with the university down the street.

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When asked to describe his experience as a Tufts student, Courtney Wang, A78, A17P, EG19P, member of the Arts and Sciences Board of Advisors and the Athletics Campaign Committee, enthusiastically responds, “It was the best!

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A beautiful relationship with our veterinarians drew Linda and Marty Haspel hundreds of miles to their new home near Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine.

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