Brighter World Campaign Surpasses $1 Billion

We are pleased to announce an important milestone for the Brighter World campaign, and to recognize what is indeed a very bright moment in a most challenging time.

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of our volunteers—and the generous support of more than 112,000 alumni, parents, and friends—the campaign recently surpassed the $1 billion mark. Gifts to Brighter World have already made a dramatic impact on the lives of our students and faculty. More than $220 million for financial aid has been integral to Tufts building a more diverse student body, including an increasing number of students who are the first in their families to attend a university in the United States. Nearly 50 new gifts for professorships have enabled us to recruit and retain exceptional faculty. And the campaign has helped to realize transformational new and renovated facilities across all of our campuses.

Campaign Co-Chairs Sol Gittleman, H10, A85P; Neal Shapiro, A80, A23P; Jonathan Tisch, A76; and Meredith Vieira, J75, H08 have steered the campaign since the Leadership Phase began in FY14, two years before Brighter World went public. Jason and Chloe Epstein, both alumni from the School of Arts and Sciences’ Class of 1996, have recently joined as co-chairs to help guide efforts through the remaining years of the campaign.

In the video below, appreciation for all that the Tufts community has made possible is conveyed by each of the co-chairs, along with President Anthony Monaco; Board Chair Peter Dolan, A78, A08P; trustee and Marketing Advisory Committee Chair Diane Hessan, J76, A11P; and trustees Kalahn Taylor-Clark, J99, MG01 and Janice Savin Williams, J79.

Our work continues as we forge ahead with fundraising in support of core priorities and aim to reach our overall campaign goal of $1.5 billion. Please consider making a gift to Tufts, where every gift is Jumbo.