Volunteer Spotlight: Janice Savin Williams

Janice Savin Williams, J79

Janice Savin Williams, J79, an equity owner and managing director of the financial services firm Siebert Williams Shank & Co., LLC, has brought an irrepressible enthusiasm for the university’s progress to the Board of Trustees and the Campaign Cabinet Executive Committee. As a member of the Athletics Board of Advisors, she also has been a champion of sweeping improvements across Tufts Athletics, including the Steve Tisch Sports and Fitness Center and more recently, the Strength & Conditioning Coaching Development Program.


How did Tufts influence you as a young adult?

When I arrived on campus, I was ready to conquer the world! In retrospect, I see that I was just beginning to explore different elements of life. I was lucky I spent that developmental phase of my young adulthood at Tufts, learning, engaging, and enjoying the journey. Without a doubt, I had a well-rounded education that put me on the path to success. Most importantly, I have lifelong friends, memories, and a tremendous number of lessons learned that continue to propel and motivate me.


What do you want to achieve as a member of the Tufts Board of Advisors for Athletics?

Both my children were student-athletes starting in junior high school. This was part of our grand plan to keep them busy. They both became elite middle-distance runners, and I witnessed how, with lots of support, they respected their coaches and teammates, watched their diet, and recognized what was required to successfully manage their academic and social lives. In short, I think that the focus and dedicated lifestyle a student-
athlete brings to Tufts not only strengthens the athletics program but also boosts the energy of the entire student body. My goal is to continue to assist in improving upon the existing foundation by supporting the teams and staff and cultivating an engaging spirit within the student body, professors, and alumni.


What motivated you to help create a new Strength & Conditioning Coaching Development Program?

I recognize that top athletic performance is about finding a balance between performance and recovery and knowing what you need to do to avoid injury. So, strength and conditioning practices are a vital part of any athletics program. They are also invaluable as young adults want to maintain fitness as they age. With this investment, we expand what we currently offer students and, at the same time, bring on board professionals who support our diversity and inclusion priorities or who have backgrounds in diversity and inclusion. We will provide a pathway for them to further their careers in the field of intercollegiate athletics strength and conditioning coaching.


As we bring the Brighter World campaign into the home stretch, how would you motivate fellow alumni to join you in advancing athletics?

Motivation is all about engagement. But how do we create that engaged community around athletics? We can share our story. I love to tell alumni, particularly those who have happy memories of competing for Tufts, how we have become an athletics powerhouse! Tufts was recognized this year as having the best Division III athletics program in the country; that is an amazing testament to our students, coaches, and to everyone who has supported them over the years. Building pride and support for athletics amounts to weaving it into the fabric and future of the university. It provides the backdrop for an inspirational college experience, and that is always a sound investment.