A Special Place

Tufts opened the door to the world. Trustee Ankur Sahu, E91, made sure it never closed.
Ankur Sahu, E91

Photo: Courtesy of Ankur Sahu

Half a world and more than a dozen time zones away from the Tufts campus, Ankur Sahu, E91, remains as closely connected to his alma mater as if he were just down the Mass Pike.

As co-head of Asia Pacific, Merchant Banking Division for global financial powerhouse Goldman Sachs, Sahu is based in Tokyo. At Tufts, he’s on the Board of Trustees, the International Board of Advisors, the Board of Engineering Advisors, and the executive committee for the Brighter World campaign. It was Tufts, he said, that paved the way for his career—and led him to the country he now calls home.

“It was Tufts that opened the door to Japan for me, which was transformational for my life,” he said. As an engineering student, Sahu appreciated that he was able to also take classes in the arts and sciences and experience a liberal arts environment that gave him a global perspective. “I took Japanese language classes in my senior year, which led me to get a job in Japan in a leading global technology company,” he said. “It was in Japan that I met my wife. And also subsequently a large part of my career and success was in Japan.”

Sahu is eager to give back, especially by supporting financial aid. He and his wife, Mari, have endowed a fund that, with a match from the Tufts Financial Aid Initiative, supported four full-tuition scholarships this year. As a Brighter World leader, he informs fellow alumni about areas of need and good work being done at the university.

“Tufts is a very special place, and all the students and alumni I have met so far, without exception, feel that too,” Sahu said. “I think everyone wants to know how they can help and that whatever they do will make a difference. It is really important to give something, no matter how big or small. The gifts are for pressing needs and make a real impact.”

As a Jumbo who lives and travels abroad, Sahu has been focusing on international alumni, but still finds it a great joy to return to campus and see what’s going on. “It has been the highlight of my role,” he said. “And it makes me even more proud of Tufts when I see firsthand all the progress and great work that is being done across the university.”